Mad Madge

Posted on July 29, 2011


I feel like we get regular customers in cycles. They’ll shop, shop, shop. You know them by name, you know their zodiac sign their likes and dislikes then they disappear and you get a new wave. A wave ago we had a woman. Madge, come in with TONS of great stuff. She said she needed a change. She was about 60, so nice, bone thin, and hilarious. She had just broken up with her boyfriend (she sold us his Christmas present, a brand new pair of men’s Uggs, I would’ve broken up with him too) and she was in search of a new life. Admirable. But the clothes kept coming everyday. We knew all about her life. Her sick mother, her daughter in Paris, a new biz venture she was trying to get off the ground, her taking the homeless to her house to feed them…wait, what? That was the first odd thing. The second was her in a college bar smoking like a chimney as she danced to the jukebox trying to seduce a college boy young enough to be her grandson. The 3rd she’s never been married, then she’d been married for 10 years, then she’d never been married again  The list goes on. Anyway she disappeared one day and we didn’t see her for months. She came last week. Chubby. She told my manager she was pregnant…and going through menopause. Huh? The madness continues.

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