“You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me”

Posted on July 29, 2011


We got a new computer system about 3 months ago and it’s really problematic. Another location got the same system but theirs seems to be running a lot smoother than ours. Anyway this man and his wife shopped at the other location then came to us to see what we had. They found some items they liked and wanted to buy them. Our debit machine has been on the fritz so we have to run your card as credit. The man wasn’t happy and starts shouting.”What do you mean you can’t take my card? I was just at the other location and they took my card!”

The cashier looked frazzled so our newly promoted floor supervisor SS came over to help.
SS: “Hi, unfortunately our machines are down. Is there another form of payment you’d like to use?”
Mad man: ” NO! There isn’t! And your other store JUST rang me up. Why can’t I be rung up here? Can’t you just take my card back there?”
SS: “Our debit is down sir I’m sorry there’s really nothing we can do unless…”
Mad man: “You’re rude. Just shut your mouth”

SS: “… I’m sorry sir”

Mad man: “You don’t even care that I can’t get my items

“SS:  “I do care”Madman: “I said shut your mouth”

…Wow. When I asked she what she said to that she said she just shrugged her shoulders and well… Shut her mouth. No kidding.