Posted on October 4, 2011


I had just finished eating a delicious lunch of Trader Joe’s goat cheese pizza with pesto and Just Chicken on top. I come out of the break room to see an older gentleman looking at belts near the door.  I couldn’t help but look him over as he stood watching me with a quizzical look on his face. He wore a turquoise baseball cap, a VERY chic pair of round tortoise-shell glasses a white tee-shirt, black and white spandex biker shorts and  flip flops. Are you seeing the disconnect? As I looked him over from head to turquoise toe… yes turquoise toe! He had turquoise toe nails! The ironic thing about this was SO DID I! The exact same color!

Me: “OMG! We’re twinsies!”

I stick out my foot and the rest of his terrible outfit doesn’t even matter anymore.

John: “AH! So we are!”

I put my foot next to his and we admire our toes.

Me: “What color are you wearing? Who makes it?”

John: “‘It’s an OPI.”

Me: “Yes! It’s Blue Slushie from the Glee line. I got mine at Sephora”

John: “Wait…Do yours have glitter on them too?!”

WHAT?! I totally dropped the ball. Why didn’t I put glitter on top?! Dammit!

Me: “No…no they don’t”

John: “Well you really should next time”

Shit. Never think you can be on he same style level as a gay.

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