Posted on July 15, 2011


A week ago a woman came in shopping wearing what I like to call denim underwear. (This jean cutoff revolution needs to be stopped, immediately.) Anyway I helped her in the fitting room with her huge pile of stuff. She was sloppy and unorganized and super sketch. Apparently when she went to the register to check out she had a weird meltdown and said she needed to go right away because she was meeting someone. 2 seconds later a hairy creeper knocks on our window and gestures at her. She jumps as though someone threw a pail of ice water on her and heads straight to the door without her change! When the cashier told her she had left it she yelled “No! No I don’t want it! Keep it! Keep it!” $11 bucks and some change. I put her change in an envelope and stored it in the safe. Maybe she’ll come back for it one day? I’ve been thinking about this since it happen. Was he her pimp? RANDOM…what do you think was up with that?

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