Ours for Keepsies

Posted on July 15, 2011


Every time we buy an item from the public it gets tagged and dated. Every time you buy an item from our stock you get a dated receipt. Now, if you want to make a return we need both your tag AND your receipt. Sometimes on rare occasions we do make exceptions but the purchase has to be within the last 7 days. Sometimes I make my own exceptions to this exception BUT there is a line. So this guy comes in with a polo shirt that looks like it was bought in 1976. He tells me he wants to return it. “Ok, I just need your receipt” He doesn’t have it. “Hmmm” I say “We usually have to have your receipt sir” “WHAT?! What do you mean?! It has YOUR tag on it! SEE?!” Whoa whoa sir. Why are you yelling? Alright his tag is still attached. Ok maybe I can work with this. “Ok you have your tag, lemme see what I can do” November 16th of 2009?!?! Are you serious right now? This isn’t Nordstroms. I can do nothing with this. “I’m sorry, this item is 2 years old sir.” I say as i give it back to him. “I can’t return this” plus it smells funny. “Well its YOURS and I’m not taking it back” he says “Actually you paid for it back in ’09 so technically she’s all yours” I say as I give him a big toothy smile. He snickers “Tough, you’re keepin’ it” he says as he tosses it on the counter next to me and walks out. What a stinkin Jerkface!