Phoney Bills

Posted on October 4, 2011


I’ve been away a while I know. September was a busy month for me. It was an even busier month for crazy and it was in full affect even though I wasn’t. At the beginning of the month a woman with a HUGE rack came in to shop. She tried on some items and wanted to pay for them with a one hundred dollar bill. The cashier didn’t even need to mark the bill to see that it was a fake. She said it “felt like tissue” Conversation ensues:

SoSo: “One second please I just need to verify this bill with management”

Phoney Baloney: “What chu mean? What? You think it ain’t real? Here” she says as she reaches into her triple G sized bra and pulls out 7 more one hundred dollar bills and spreads them out on the counter top ” Here! Take your pick!”

Soso “Ummm ok”

Phoney Baloney: ” They’re ALL real. I JUST got them from the check cashing place”

Wow…Needless to say SoSo chose the one she felt was a real bill and the woman stuffed the rest back in her bra like a thanksgiving turkey. sigh…pass.