Posted on August 28, 2011


In order to sell your clothes at my store we need to input your DL info into a computer system. For whatever reason a lot of people are already nervous to have their clothes looked at in-depth so adding the DL profile can be completely nerve-racking for some. I don’t know if they think we’re affiliated with the DMV or the Police Dept. but, it really shakes people up. If you’ve sold something sketch or you are a “dealer” (you sell clothes strictly to make a profit) We give you a “probation” status. It just means a supervisor or manager has to buy from you. A man came in the other day to sell and the probation flag popped up. His buyer came to get me since this is our policy. He asked what was going on and I told him he had a probation status in the system. He literally went off! “You now?!” he says “I’m a good person. What goes on in my personal life shouldn’t affect me selling clothes here. I am on probation but I don’t know what it has to do with this! That shouldn’t be in your system” “Ummm… I say. It’s just a status we give you because you’re a dealer. We don’t know anything about your personal life.” Well we do now. He looks dumbfounded at me then at all of the people in line behind him. I try not to laugh. “Oh” he says “Okay then” “Yeah…’ I say awkwardly as I start looking through his items “Sooo…How’s your day goin’?” He just looks at me and laughs. I swear people give us more credit than they should.