Do I have a stalker?

Posted on August 28, 2011


The first time she came in was 6 mos ago. She was mean, she was nasty, she was rude. I was buying from a woman when Kat walked in that day. She walked up to the buying counter wearing an I LOVE Jesus lanyard and plopped her items on top of the womans  I was buying from. She looked directly at me and said “I have things to sell. Are you going to buy these things from me?”  I looked at my Asst. Manager shocked and replied “I’m currently helping, someone else but if you sign your name on the list we’d be happy to help you when it’s your turn” “You mean I have to wait?!” she said. “Yes,there is a bit of a wait today, but we’re pretty quick.” “Well I don’t have much” She says ” I can go next, I’m sure no one will mind” My quick-witted AM says ” Well you’ll have to ask them” Of course everyone preferred her to wait in line as they had been waiting a while. My lucky Asst. Manager got to buy from Kat and needless to say she was even more awful than we could have imagined. Argumentative, rude, sarcastic and just a plain old sour puss. She came back a coupe more times after that and the pattern didn’t change. I listened time after time as she tore apart our buyers with actual malice behind her words. Then poof she was gone.  6 mos later she came back to sell. I decided to do what Jesus would do…kill her…with kindness.

Me: “Hi there! How are you today?!” (I know a bit over the top but when I commit, it’s go big or go home and my shift wasn’t nearly over.)

Kat: “Hi, I’ve dealt with you before. Is there a list I should sign in on?”

Me: “Nope! Not a one. Its seems I was waiting JUST for you!” (blah)

Kat: “Really?! That’s so wonderful. Oh thank you Jesus,thank you! I’m so happy.” (…Huh?)

Me: “Yes, step right over here. Let me take that bag for ya. Lets see what goodies you brought us”

Needless to say there weren’t many goodies to be had. Never the less she opened up and told me about the new care she just bought and other things that were going on  her life. I think I may have been too friendly because about an hour later she brought me back a flower and thanked me for being so nice. Truth be told I thought it was very sweet although the girls thought it was funny and creepy. Jealous is what I say to that. I had the next 3 days off. She came in everyday asking for me. Then she asked what my schedule was. Then she asked when I’d be back. Then she asked for a strand of my hair. No I’m kidding. She’s harmless…right?

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