Awful little monkeys

Posted on August 8, 2011


A woman was in last week with her one year old son. He was wearing one of those child leashes disguised as a cute monkey back pack, you know where the tail is the leash? He was a really chill kid, didn’t really think he needed to be leashed but…he was. Anyway, his mom wanted to try on shoes so she tied him to the sale rack. Yes, she TIED him to the sale rack. I know what you’re thinking “Couldn’t she at least have tied him to the designer rack?” So inconsiderate right? The sale rack is near our handicap ramp, which all kids think is a playground. So naturally the baby wanted to play on it. He heads for ramp and almost gets there but he’s  leashed, so he starts to stretch. He makes it to the rail and starts trying to flip over it to get to the ramp. He’s so close yet so far, and this is so dangerous because the sale rack could fall on him if he gets any further. I really wish the leash had just broken. Wouldn’t that have been great? Like Shawshank Redemption. Instead he’s tied up and being taunted by our ramp. Our sales supervisor SS sees this happening and being a mother herself tells the fellow mother that, her shopping solution is a problem. Conversation ensues.

SS: Oh my gosh, you shouldn’t leave him over there. It’s really dangerous. He’s trying to get to the ramp.

Mom: Oh it’s fine he’s fine.

SS: He’s tied to the rack. It could fall over. That’s dangerous.

Mom: He’s good.

The mother looks at SS

Mom: Do you have kids?

SS: Yes I do

Mom: Well he’s good. Thanks.

Alright then. Poor little guy. I think the next time they come he should tie her to the sale rack and play on the ramp. Just saying…