…I’m a jerk

Posted on July 31, 2011


D Cray had an accident in our store today. She was carrying WAY too many items as usual. She was on her way up the stairs to the fitting room when she stepped on a satin paisley dress that had been dragging on the floor in front of her. I watched in slow motion, half horrified, half humored as she clutched the stack of clothes with one hand and lunged for the hand rail with the other. It wasn’t enough. She hit the ground hard. Kaboom! It was like watching Americas Funniest Home videos! (The old ones from the 90’s with Bob Saget where you already know whats going to happen but it’s still funny anyway ) As if slapped out of a trance, I jumped at the thud and ran over to help her up. I looked at the crumpled, disheveled pile of clothes and woman and thought of how big an asshole I was for thinking this was somehow funny. As she over exaggerated a limp over to the fitting room I swallowed the inner smile trying to escape my lips and wondered how I could be such a jerk. I wanted to laugh! “You scared the crap out of me!” I said to her. Which was actually true. I thought she might’ve been seriously hurt. ” It wasn’t your fault, I had too much stuff” she said. “Thank you for helping me up, most people wouldn’t have.” Awww that’s nice…” Maybe this is a sign, maybe I shouldn’t shop so much anymore. It’s a sign. I’m not going to shop for at least 2 months”…Ummm could you make it a year?