Verde vs DK

Posted on July 29, 2011


We have a policy where you check all big bags at the front counter before you shop. There’s a sign you can see before you even enter. DK was walking and shopping around with her big bag the other night when she decided it was time for her 101 item fashion show. She goes to the fitting room and asks to try on. Verde sees the bag and decides to put DK in the first fitting room where she can keep an eye on things. DK asks if she can go in a room farther back.
Verde “Yes, but we ask that you check all big bags at the front”
DK “This isn’t a big bag”
Verde *pause “We would consider that a big bag. You’d have to check it at the front”
DK “I’m going to put my stuff in my room first, THEN you can check it”
Verde “You’d have to check it BEFORE you go into the room.”
DK “You know, I don’t like you bossing me around! I’ll just do it myself!”
Then she storms off. You’re a regular right? You know the policy right? See? Like I said, mouthy.

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