Ruthless Reformed?

Posted on July 15, 2011


Get outta town!
ODB came in today smellin’ like a rose!!! Clothes all nice, looking like Bill Cosby in a Coogie sweater! He even wore banana yellow Ben Sherman pants to match! He waited quietly for his turn in line and then POLITELY asked “may” he “please see a pair of shoes in the window” Nice. I assisted him with the shoes which were, as he stated, “unfortunately” not his size. And he said he’d “Browse mens” to see if we had any others that “may work”. Shocked the hell out of me. Was this the same ODB that cursed out St. Patty a month ago? Will I need to start calling him OCB? Nope. He came in 10 minuets before we closed that night asking me for 40 cents to get a bus ride smelling like he bathed himself in whiskey. Sheesh. Who was he tryna fool?