“What Makes Zees Fashion?!”

Posted on July 14, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty chill day. Our lines were short, and the day was progressing nicely without any problems. I was at the buying counter buying next to another buyer, Kitty, who I swear attracts the most hostile sellers ever. In walks very french looking woman. We’ll call her Claudette. “Claudette?” Kitty calls out “Claudette to sell?” Up saunters  Claudette with a huge white trash bag. Kitty smiles and follows procedure by telling the Claudette how we work and what we’re looking for, for the season.  Claudette opens her bag and starts showing her things to Kitty. One by one Kitty passes on the old worn misshapen items. By item 10 Claudette has had enough and takes the items off the counter and right out of Kitty’s hand then says “I queet, I queet, I geeve up! I have tried and tried to breeng my tings here. I jus don’t undare-stand. Why are zees tingz diffarent than what I show you!?” She asks pointing at our clothing and then pokes her white trash bag “What makes zees fashion?!”  she yells waving her arm towards the back of our store. Kitty calmly tries to explain once again what we’re looking for and points to our handy dandy buying guide. ” What makes zees fashone?! What?!” Kitty tries to explain again looking at me, the guide and back to Claudette “No, no my things are no diffarent zan zoes! What makes zees fashion?! Itz zee same!” she says as she takes her bag and marches out in a huff. We both stand there speechless. Not a moment later we’re back to business as usual “Marlene?” I call out “Marlene to sell?”  17 sellers and 5 hours later its closing time. We all start to quietly clean when Kitty walks up to me with her arms full of clothes.  “Shauntee, I just have one question for you…” “What’s up?” I say “What makes zeez fashion?!” She yells and marches away.

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