Nuclear Secrets

Posted on February 10, 2011


On this particular day I was having one of THOSE days. I needed a break from the cray crays in the front of the store so I decided to work the fitting rooms in the back of the store for a while. Enter stage left a sweet looking elderly woman with a metal shopping basket on wheels. “How cute is she?” I think to myself ” Hello!” I say cheerfully and grateful to see a sane person. ” We don’t allow any bags or shopping carts in the fitting room. May I take your basket up front while you try on your clothes?” “No” she replies sweetly ” I’d prefer it to stay with me” How cute. “Well, I know how you feel but unfortunately it can’t go in the fitting room with you. I can keep my eye on it for you right here if you like?” “No” she says again as sweet as honey. “It can’t leave me” “Oh? Well what if  I promise to take really good care of it?”  ” No” she insists ” I’m afraid I can’t leave it.” ” Are you sure?” I say  ” Yes I’m sure” she says. “You see it contains nuclear secrets”  You win lady. “Go ahead and take the last door on the left” Exit me stage right, into the break room. I’ve had enough crazy for today.

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