No, No’s 1st run in

Posted on February 10, 2011


One  crisp evening about 6 mos. back the sales team was winding down and cleaning up on what seemed like a ordinary night. We were tired but happy we were going to be out time,  FOR ONCE, and  the last round of customers were standing in line ready to take home their new purchases. In walks a harmless looking customer.  No one saw her right away but as the line started to dwindle I noticed a growing pile on the counter top that seemed to get bigger every time I looked its way. I scan the sales floor, see no one, and count the pile as items to be put away. As I load my arms with about 20 half off items I hear a voice say  “Oh that’s mines” Startled I say “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize these belonged to anyone. We’re actually closing in about 5. Can I put some of  these on hold for you?” “No” she says “I’m still looking around” to which I reply ” Oh, okay. We do  24 hr. holds if there’s anything here you can’t decide on. We have a 6 item maximum.” She looks me up and down and says “Alright.” I bounce away to the back room to count the register thinking about what I’ll have for dinner. 10 minuets later I walk back out to the sales floor where I see the same woman I JUST told we were closing, 10 minuets ago with an arm full of NEW items sorting them by the register, next to  distressed looking cashier. ‘I’ll handle this’ I think to myself. “Hey, I can take over from here, if you want to start straightening” I say with a big toothy smile.  I turn to the customer and say “You all set?” “Yeah” she says “GOOD” I say over excitedly. “Which items are you going to take today?”  She gives me 6 items all half price.  mental note* she must like a good bargain* She asks to put 6 items on hold also all half priced. “Sure.” I say then I give her the total which was somewhere around $37 she asks ” Can I switch one of my holds for one of these?” “Sure.” ” Oh I have a store credit. Can I use it?” “Sure.” “Oh wait can you split the remaining balance? on a debit card” “Sure.” Can you put $20.00 on this card?” “Sure.” Now the balance is $2.76 and the time is 15 mins after closing. She digs in her pocket and pulls out $2.40 I count the change and repeat her balance. “$2.76″  ‘Oh I don’t have it” she says. I ask if she needs to run out to the car. She tells me her ride is gone. I want to kick her really hard but that’s against company policy so I just stare at her blankly. “You have 36 cents?” she asks me “Let me borrow it. I’ll give it back to you next time” “Sure” is what I’m sure she expected.  Sadly it was not the answer she heard. Needless to say she was able to go home when her ride came back to get her a half an hour after we closed the store with her inside. As I locked the store door leaving I realized sometimes the answer is just NO. No, no, no.